Welcome to the overview page of the HPC cluster of the TU-Berlin!

The cluster lives from participation, we will develop it further according to your questions and rely on you to make new entries, corrections and improvements. For example, on the page Wishes (protected area, login with TUB account) software wishes can be noted or in the HPC ISIS course you can get in touch with us and other users.

Please submit support requests to our ticket system via support@hpc.tu-berlin.de.

A Discussion Forum for users of the HPC is located in the High Performance Cluster ISIS Course (enrolment key: rechenknecht).

You can also ask for introductory events for your subject area at our support address. We will be happy to come to you for a short presentation followed by a Q&A session (approx. 1h).

The prerequisite for access is a TUB account, which is issued to all members of the university at the start of employment via the provisioning procedure. If you already have a TUB account further steps need to be taken to register you to use the cluster. These can be found in the protected area Access on this wiki.

Maintenance windows

We are planning an update of the cluster OS from 13th - 26th of November 2023. There will be a huge change in basic OS, filesystem and more, so please backup your data on permanent devices!